We now face the collapse of multiple systems and everyone is experimenting in real time. Our practices help this to work better.  We are making a significant part of our core materials available at no cost to any team in any organisation that is critical to life and society where there is a need to adapt working practices rapidly. The methods work. They are being used right now by our clients in socially critical sectors from hospital emergency rooms to government and food systems.

  • "In 25 years I have never experienced conference facilitation like this.  Simply outstanding."

    Global OD Director, Engineering Sector
  • "In 10 years of watching this Board, I’ve never seen them have a conversation as honest yet generative as this."

    Non-exec director, Luxury Goods


We catalyse different ways of looking at this complex, volatile world and deliver interventions that help you, your team and your organisation thrive in it.  Our extensive experience underpins our work, whilst we also take time to understand your in-depth needs to deliver bespoke interventions that support your sustainable transformation.


GameShift helps individuals, teams and organisations flourish in today’s unpredictable world. We bring about sustainable transformation by designing and delivering interventions that challenge the traditional and unleash people’s ability to work and act differently. GameShift is about creating alchemy for business.


Working with GameShift, you, your teams and your organisation will become more agile, responsive and well led.  You will benefit from our experience with over 400 organisations globally – corporates, privately-owned, public sector, NGOs, charities.  We will help craft a vibrant future for you and your organisation, so creating the opportunity to maximise the impact that you have in the world.