GameShift works with you to help you, your team and your organisation be the best it can be in today’s complex and unpredictable world. We support you in developing your leadership, challenging you to see, work and act differently. We enable teams to be more effective to ensure they deliver what your organisation needs and we work with whole organisations to engage and excite your people to create positive change.

We do this through our coaching and facilitation skills which we’ve been told are outstanding.  We work with individuals, teams (of 4 or 5 people upwards) and much larger groups (anything from 50 to 250+ people working together at a time).

But, whatever your need, we start by understanding in depth your context and challenges, in order that we can design interventions that meet your requirements and deliver impact at the appropriate level.

Below are some of the things that we do.  In reality, every piece of work is different, and the best way to find out how we might help is to get in touch.

For individuals – Alchemist Odyssey

We have a suite of interventions and programmes to support your requirements, whether you have one leader or a group of leaders needing development. We help leaders develop new ways of leading in a complex, uncertain world, appreciating how to inspire across generations and lead change. Our suite of experiences challenge leaders by taking them beyond the classroom, immersing them in situations that create stretch and coach them to bring the best of themselves to their roles.

For teams – The Leadership Crucible

When the buck stops, are your key teams as effective as they could be? We offer a rigorous team workout, looking at six key dimensions: purpose, process, participation, performance, priorities and perspectives to bring a sharper edge to the strategic clarity and actions that your organisation needs.


For Organisations – Collaborative Strategy

When the world is shifting, harnessing the collective experience and intelligence of your people is an essential part of spotting risk and seizing opportunity.  Our collaborative strategy process will generate new options for leaders to consider as well as releasing momentum for informed action on the selected outcomes.

We offer the following as standalone interventions or incorporated into any of the above:

Systems Insights

Within your organisation have you found decisions resulting in unintended consequences? Systems Insights is an intervention that helps those in your organisation see how patterns play out for real. As a result of this intervention you generate insights into new ways of leading and working that deliver better outcomes.


The Wisdom of Conflict

Organisations can become stuck through differences of opinion and little resolution. It’s often ignored until something explosive arises.  We are therefore delighted to host and support a multi-partner research study into The Wisdom of Conflict, led by specialist associate Ben Yeger and colleagues.

Innovation Into Action

How do you harness the best of your creative potential to realise the best the collective insight and energy of your organisation can offer – and get new ideas working fast? ZOOM is the answer!  It’s a high energy innovation process to engage your people, generate great ideas and create commitment to effective action.  This powerful creative process can be a stand-alone event or as part of on-going leadership, change or strategy activity.



Struggling to find an input for an event that will create a reaction and leave people brimming with energy? We offer provocations, either as a keynote speaker or a day long event, that shake out complacency and engage people in exploring opportunities to bring about positive change.

Juicy Edges

You may be looking for something that isn’t shown in our propositions.  There are lots of things we can do to support you in all sorts of different and interesting ways.  We make juicy stuff happen everywhere.  Talk to us – we’d love to help.

Get in touch with us:

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