“GameShift is founded on the conviction that – by purpose, curiosity, innovative action and new learning – organisations, teams and individuals can become wiser, increasingly resilient and more able to flourish…


This idea has never been more important nor more radical. We face unparalleled challenge and opportunity. Our society faces threats from the pressures we place on our crowded planet. No geography, no area of life is untouched.


We need our organisations and institutions to act with all available insight, agility and skill. Every one of us has to play our part in transforming the future: responding out of today’s patterns will not be enough.


Harnessing our shared purpose and collective intelligence, we can catalyse new ways of seeing, working and acting to transform organisations and institutions. With this, it is possible for all of us to thrive and prosper.


We want the work of the GameShift community to contribute to the creation and nourishment of vibrant organisations and businesses, wisely led, living viably on a healthy and vibrant planet.

It is time for a renewal. All of us in GameShift are resolved to be part of the being, crafting and supporting that transformation.”


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