Sometimes you just know…

Sometimes when you first meet someone you know that something special is possible. Our first exposure to The Oxford Group was like that. We first met each other in a demanding organisational context – working live together in a meeting with a client with both know – where the there was a lot of complexity and confusion in the air.

In that testing crucible we noticed right away the deep values we shared. We loved how the Oxford Group team listened closely, how their strong relationships and ability to work helped this client to engage with tough conversations and difficult choices they faced.

It was obvious that what mattered to The Oxford Group mattered to us too. The chemistry worked from the start. Over the next year and a half we’ve worked on joint projects and have explored richly together about how to bring our skills and energies into the right combination to make a difference that the world needs. This work has now resulted in the launch of our formal Specialist Partnership – and we couldn’t be more thrilled at this outcome and all it brings.

Of course, we are also very different.  GameShift is a small, niche consultancy based in the UK specialising in collaborative leadership for systems transformation. Most of our work is with boards and large group events, and in developing leaders to play their role in creating new futures. The Oxford Group is an organisation on a much larger scale, with has over 180 consultants working 28 languages in over 60 countries, delivering a full portfolio of learning and development solutions.

It’s these very differences that makes our partnership.  GameShift’s work in designing and delivering so exciting and valuable for us and our clients.

GameShift’s frontier work in creating catalytic large group events is now available to support Oxford Group’s clients in their strategic awareness and leadership transformations. We create events for more than 50 people (and up to 300+) come together in a room to make something happen.   Equally, GameShift’s experience of working with the C-suite complements The Oxford Group’s programmes with a range of leaders across international clients.

The Oxford Group and GameShift partnership links board level transformation work to a completely integrated organisational offer that can support high quality learning and development in support of the organisation’s strategic goals worldwide using frontier technologies in social media and blended solutions.

This partnership is fresh and full of potential. As we explore the frontiers of what this combination brings we become more excited at the potential of what we are now able to bring alongside our clients.

There are creative times ahead.

Sometimes you just have a feeling that it’s going to work.