Bring Work Alive!

Sometimes words on their own are just small for the job.

We often use other ways of knowing, such as simple graphics like this. This one says something about what makes us, us.

We came together to form GameShift because we love to work with human and organisational potential – developing leaders, teams and organisations to deliver their highest aspirations. And we love to work in ways that brings us, and others, really alive.

Our work is always practical – we are passionately interested in what works, and in what can be made to work where solutions and knowledge don’t exist yet. We love working in all those areas where there just isn’t a convenient answer, where everyday expertise isn’t going to get you there and where some really juicy creative exploring is needed.

We have a strong orientation towards participation – we work with our clients, alongside … As far as possible we’ll ask you to roll up your sleeves and join in as peers and partners. If we’re not genuinely on the journey together, we’re probably all missing a trick.

We thrive on deep curiosity. We will always bring the best expertise, perspectives, tools and models we know, that’s a given. But then we’re interested in what comes next, what knowledge isn’t in the room that could be brilliant and insightful? Maybe it’s knowledge from a parallel field (often the familiar models are too small or the job), maybe it’s some other sort of data or information that might usually get missed. We’re always interested in deeper and richer ways of knowing – think rich data, richer insights created together in a shared creative exploration, that’s what we try to bring.

And woven through it all is our craft and our quality. One of the threads that bring us together is our practice of action research as a way of being. At the root of this is a question about quality – and you’ll always find us asking ourselves and asking you, how do we know that this is quality work we are doing? We’ll constantly inquire into “what makes this work valuable to you and to us?”. We will ask, “how can we be sure this work is being done well?” … And always we will be asking these questions openly, alongside our clients, sharing responsibility for value and quality, because quality isn’t something we can do to you, it’s something that emerges between us in our living work.

And that’s another nub, “living work”. We’re here to do work that is big enough to bring people alive, If the works doesn’t feel alive, it’s lacking in some dimension of quality – and it’s part of our work to find ways to breathe life in. Work that isn’t alive doesn’t serve anyone well – it doesn’t serve the bigger purpose of our aspirations.

We share a belief that people, teams and organisations can indeed change the world for the better – all of us working responsibly towards ends worthy of aspiration can do brilliant things.

And if you’re interested in these aspirations, these ways of working, we’d love to know.