The Challenge

Medical leaders need to deliver services to populations with complex needs.  Solutions cannot come from working the system harder. New ways of acting are essential. There is a need to think and act beyond silos and across organisational boundaries, challenging assumptions to create new ways of shifting the health system.

The Approach

  • A cycle of four intensive two-day immersions, linked by powerfully facilitated
    practice application groups.
  • The programme creates a learning crucible. A collaborative space in which new practices and new insights emerge and are shared.
  • The core process builds the qualities of inquiry, reflective practice, experimentation and collaborative learning individually and through group process.

The Outcome

Independent research after 5 years showed:

  • Profound experience, different to traditional learning
  • Participants reported increased confidence in leading collaboratively when facing organisational uncertainty and a broader sense of their possibility as leaders.
  • Powerfully connected personal learning to achieve organisational outcomes.

Next case study

Next case study


Breaking down corporate barriers through large collaborative interventions