GameShift was founded as a specialist in supporting organisations in volatile, uncertain times and helping leaders to work together to handle disruption.

We now face the collapse of multiple systems and everyone is experimenting in real time. Our practices help this to work better.  We are making a significant part of our core materials available FREE to any team in any organisation that is critical to life and society where there is a need to adapt working practices rapidly.

The methods work. They are being used right now, from hospital emergency rooms to government and food supply.  These are approaches and methods designed for teams to support rapid learning and experimentation across their system. Everyone is learning how to reinvent practices moment to moment and this is what our work delivers.

If you are in a critical situation in your organisation where you need to adapt in these ways, we are willing to share these with you at zero cost and support you in their use on our virtual platform.

Please email if you feel this support could make a difference to you in the testing days and weeks ahead. We can’t support everyone, but we will do what we can.