Is cheap oil is good?

Apparently cheap oil is good for us all, says the Bank of England The Bank Speaks

But is this right in your case? What are the implications of cheap oil for your business right now? Is anyone in your boardroom on top of this?

Is cheaper energy disguising cost pressure elsewhere that is slipping by unaddressed?

Is the opportunity of a low oil price distracting you from considering the longer term energy vulnerability of your organisation in a volatile and fragile commodity world?

How is it impacting your deeper intentions around the frontiers of your sustainable future?

Five GameShift questions to ask at your next board meeting.

What is the strategic importance of energy in your business?
(It’s easy for airlines, oil companies and aluminium smelters to know this … but often less clear for others. Think about impacts on customer’s lives … how might their behaviour change due to energy supply or price shifts? Advantages, disadvantages?)

Does anyone in your business have a strategic view on energy and keep this at the front of your strategic thinking?
(In non-energy intensive businesses, energy is often nobody’s job, or gets buried as a procurement issue. Getting the best price isn’t the same as having a strategic view. How does energy get properly considered at your boardroom table?

Are lower energy prices masking other issues?
(Low prices free up cash flow – yours and your customers. They may not last. How are you making sure you stay on top of underlying market and margin challenges? Where are you vulnerable? Where can can see an opportunity here?)

How prepared are you for a lower energy / renewable energy world?
(How can you take advantage of low cost solutions? How can you gain a strategic advantage from how you use energy and the types of energy you employ? What would a radical shift in your relationship to energy look like?

What can your organisation learn from how energy works in the living world?


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