What is it?

A mindful team is aware of itself as a team. Its members are individually and collectively aware of the team’s purpose, its processes, its inner dynamics, its strengths and its problems – and they are willing and able to discuss all of these constructively and non-judgementally.

How does it work?

The Team Mindfulness process employs a variety of practical processes in interactive sessions designed to help participants discover more about themselves and their teams. They will explore, develop and enhance communication, listening and coaching skills and build insights that they will begin to apply in real-life work contexts right away.

Between sessions participants will inquire within themselves to pull together the story of the team: mapping how the team is and how it works. They will discover and explore their biases and unconscious assumptions, and learn how to gather the meta-data that enables them to take a ‘balcony view’ of the team as a whole

Who is the programme for?

  • Intact teams, working together on projects
  • Organisations who want to enhance team performance

Benefits for the business

  1. Greater team effectiveness
  2. Higher levels of resilience and greater staff retention
  3. Better decision making
  4. Increased performance
  5. Greater clarity of purpose
  6. Clearer team goals with better buy-in

Benefits for the team

  1. Team members will become more mindful of one another – more appreciative of one another’s strengths and differences
  2. The team will be psychologically safer and better able to innovate
  3. Its members will experience higher levels of wellbeing and job satisfaction

Programme length and delivery

Five half-days delivered over five months. Delivered virtually.

Supplemented, as required, by one-to-one executive coaching, team coaching, and facilitated learning and action groups to embed actions in day-to-day practice.

Partners on the Programme

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