Poetry of Hope

An invitation from Kate Firth and Chris Nichols

Sometimes what needs to be said can best be said in a poem. It can be a poem you’ve written or a poem you love from elsewhere.

We’d like to invite you to a small group that plans to meet regularly simply to provide a space to share the poems that touch you and us: poems that inspire you, make you smile, help you find resilience, or maybe give you strength.

It’s an experiment! So, the format will respond to who comes and what we need. But for starters we see it working like this:

We will:

  • Create a zoom meeting and provide a link to invite anyone interested
  • We will hold the space for you by facilitating the gathering, looking after flow and timings
  • We will ask who wants to speak: it’s not compulsory to speak, you are welcome to listen!
  • If you’re a speaker, we will invite you to read or recite your poem aloud to the meeting
  • Invite you to speak about your choice of poem if you choose to do so – optional, of course, there’s no obligation to do this). To ensure that others in the group also have time to read their poems, we’ll organise a time boundary for this.

As the session is one hour long, we may not have space for everyone to read their poem, in which case don’t worry, there will be more!

What we’d like you to do:

Confirm you’re interested and tell us whether you’re willing to share a poem

Choose a poem lasting a maximum of 2 minutes when you read it aloud. If you’re not sure how long it is, have a quick practice reading aloud!

Come along and enjoy!

That’s it 😊


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Kate Firth and Chris Nichols

Hosts of PoetryofHope@GameShift