Carissa BubAssociate

    What’s she like then?

    The full spectrum – “having infectious enthusiasm” to a calm and deep presence. Honest, challenging and warm. Reveals the invisible and inaudible but listens first. A risk taker for the sake of your growth, a confidante in the business of truth.

    Works with relationship challenges from the boardroom to the factory floor. Skilled in advisory leadership, she provides confidence to those who carry responsibility for making the right decision at the right time. She’s there for you, committed to a shared cause.

    A born narrator and catalyst for new thinking, an amplifier – she will replay your story in a way that appeals and awakens your heart.  An energiser and facilitator of brave conversations, creating space for authentic connection and what really matters to emerge.

    A robust partner to the rational mind, a changemaker, ever keen to invest in the betterment of society and to evolve human potential.  Challenges leadership teams and CEOs in reimagining the future – to align profit to purpose and become better business citizens.

    Embraces organisations as living dynamic systems, facilitating to create layers of interconnectedness and meaning that help the company adapt and thrive.

    Been described as a “human-whisperer” and expert in the human condition, who quickly gets to the essence of what’s getting in the way. Provides an environment where you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable. Focuses on people and their results, not methods – the individual and the team, and bringing their whole self to the table.

    Playful and caring at the same time, comfortable with messy; enduring and strong.


    What’s she done?
    She’s been a professional Executive and Team Coach for 18 years, working globally across many types of businesses. She’s also an Organisational Relationship Systems Coach and systemic consultant. She’s been a Founder and CEO of a leadership communications agency spun out of a career as a broadcast journalist with the BBC.

    Her sweet-spot is working with visionary CEOs and leadership teams from public companies to family offices, entrepreneurial businesses and for-benefit enterprises. She’s no stranger to working with private equity, media and tech, professional services, healthcare or FMCG. She’s worked with many client organisations for more than a decade, providing input across the globe. A world traveller who has lived in four countries and thinks ‘glocal’.

    Set up BUBWORKS in 2002, leading a smart network of leadership development and communications specialists. Renowned media coach expert in presence and narrative development supporting Fortune 50 and FTSE 100 businesses engage key stakeholders and excel as influencers of large-scale internal and real-world change. TEDx speaker in 2014 inviting organisations to rethink the who and how to develop an evolutionary culture.

    Steeped in diagnostic assessments, she’s been on the faculty of two coaching schools and two corporate academies, passionate about building leadership capacity fit for purpose with now-gen and next-gen leaders so that people develop a considered life as well as becoming better business citizens.

    She’s over 20 years coaching, advising and training CEOs, C-Suite leaders and top teams.


    Why does she bother?
    Carissa cares about life itself and evolving how humans live on earth. She believes today’s world faces a crisis of confidence and a crisis of heart. She wants to change the voice of leadership – the tone, the content, the contribution – to help people lead from heart not hurt, and shift from a win-lose mindset to great collaborations and greater global wellbeing. She believes we all have to do the inner work especially those who seek to lead others, and she delights in being a provocatively playful guide in that journey.

    She believes the world is poised to become a more peaceful network of global virtual villages; that organisations are instrumental in helping people to speak up and stand out as leaders in their personal and work communities and the wider world; to cause reciprocal prosperity.


    Is she qualified?

    Carissa is a qualified broadcast journalist. She’s got a BSc in Urban Estate Management and MSc in Psychoanalytical Developmental Psychology. She’s studied with a number of coaching schools and is a certified professional coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, CRRGlobal, and Team Coaching International. She is qualified by the British Psychological Society and other assessment bodies to conduct psychological assessment using a range of tools include the Leadership Circle Profile and Culture Survey, Hogan, 6 Team Conditions (Team Diagnostic Survey) and Lumina Learning.


    Some quotes to know her by…
    “We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.”

    Simone Weil


    “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

    Mahatma Ghandi


    “I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    Maya Angelou