Helen SierodaPartner

What’s she like then?
Straightforward and open, with a light touch and sensitivity to tensions and paradoxes facing today’s organisations: uses patient questioning, deep listening, and impish humour to open up exploration of leadership conundrums. Expect ambiguities to be revealed, contradictions to be probed and incongruence to be challenged.

Has a ‘reframing spirit’ and broad integrative awareness. Encourages those she works with to explore diverse frames, seek interconnections and interdependencies and look beyond the habitual and the obvious.

Loves learning new things; is continually on the lookout for opportunities to ‘stretch’ learning edges in herself and others. Brings a sense of wonder and curiosity to her work, is fascinated with variety and celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.

Optimistic and positive, will work with you to identify and leverage hidden strengths, unused capacities and latent gifts; will encourage you to take personal responsibility for what you think, say and do; will notice and appreciate beauty and excellence wherever it can be found!

Often quiet and contained; her ability to be still and present creates a safe space where thorny issues can be grappled with. Appreciates the power of silence and believes clarity and purposeful action will emerge from a process of mindful inquiry.

Can be fiercely committed, engaged and enthusiastic and at the same time doesn’t take herself/life/work too seriously; when it’s called for she has the courage to surrender control, let go gracefully and be warmly detached!

Has a refined ethical sense, understands how difficult it can be to engage with challenging dilemmas and values conflicts. Will be resolute, tenacious and determined in addressing inconsistencies and blind spots and giving challenging feedback when it’s needed.

What’s she done?
Helen has trained, coached, mentored and supervised professionals in the UK and Europe for over 25 years.

Starting off as a manager in the motor trade, she went on to train as a psychotherapist in the 80s. In parallel with clinical work, she carried out a number of leadership, training, facilitation and coaching roles, applying psychosynthesis principles to the inner and outer work of being a leader (and a person).

Worked mostly in Sweden for over 25 years; training, coaching and mentoring diverse clients; HR professionals, consultants, leaders, managers who work in banking, airlines, telecommunications, education, manufacturing, healthcare and media.

Also loves to work with charities, micro-businesses and entrepreneurs.

Currently founder and director of Wise Goose School of Coaching; where she designed and delivers training in coaching at foundation and advanced levels.

She is trustee of two charities (co-chair of one) and has served as a school governor.

Counts raising a son as the most important, fulfilling, challenging and wonderful accomplishment of them all.

Why does she bother?
‘I want to be part of the solution – not part of the problem.’ In her 20s a sense of the wider context in which we ‘do’ work and the aspiration to be ‘part of the solution’ led Helen to dedicate herself to exploring what this seemingly simple statement might mean in practice. The journey has generated as many questions as answers: How can we meet the need for leadership in a complex, uncertain and rapidly changing world? What holds us back from our power and how can we change systems that steal our spirit, passion and courage? How can we strengthen our ability to lead (and follow) with heart, soul and integrity as well as courage, clarity and commitment? How do we lead with spirit and purpose on behalf of what we care deeply for, within teams, organisations and in our communities?

Helen’s work is centred on the belief that each individual has a contribution to make; that we can build better organisations and communities and develop our capacity to become change agents in business, at work and at home. She believes that there is a connection between deeply personal change and systemic change; that who we are as leaders and our connection to the inner source from which we act is as important as what we do; that when we lead with spirit and purpose, we model wholeness and authenticity within our organisations, inspiring those around us to fulfil more of their leadership potential; that working together, we can become the bold, visionary leaders today’s world is calling for.

Is she qualified?
Helen’s CPD portfolio is brimful with certificates and diplomas: an MSc in Business and Responsibility University of Bath (with distinction), diplomas in Coaching, Supervision, Group facilitation, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and a BA in Comparative Religion (first class). In the dim and distant past she studied Mandarin and martial arts for almost 10 years (now mostly forgotten) and has practiced mindfulness for almost 30 years.

She is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Associate Certified Coach and a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) registered psychotherapist.

She’s is also an affiliate of Exeter University’s Centre for Leadership Studies and a member of AC (Association for coaching), ICF (International Coach Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and a Fellow of the RSA.

Some quotes to know her by…
“I would love to live, like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding”
John O’Donohue

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do, with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness”
Thich Nhat Hanh

“Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we go back to page one and do it all again?”
Pooh Bear