Mark HarmerAssociate

    What’s he like then? 

    Thoughtful, encouraging, creative. Always experimenting and willing to challenge accepted thinking. Constantly exploring new ideas as well as connecting existing ones in interesting and constructive ways.

    What’s he done?

    Has worked with an enormous variety of people: health, education, commercial and public sectors, charities and community groups.

    His work has been underpinned by two passions: communications technology and music. He’s explored those in many ways throughout his career; from 20 years’ craft and vocational qualifications training across the BBC, to organisational work using music as a vehicle for uncovering the dynamics of groups and businesses; he has created unique projects at Gloucester Hospital’s Neonatal Unit, devised adaptations for blind colleagues, founded an import-export business for musicians, created apps for children with profound leaning difficulties, and contributed to community events including devising and collecting music and sound for two major outdoor performances. He’s collaboratively developed video and audio resources to support education in the early years across his county, and as part of a performing ensemble, produced commercial recordings and performed live on Radio 3.

    Why does he bother?

    Mark gets energised about the experimental edges of organisations; in spotting opportunities, connecting specialists together, exploring how we make meaning out of chaos, using ideas from very different fields to come up with new solutions, and using his skills to develop those ideas and work with people to make them flourish.

    Is he qualified?

    BA in Music, MSc in Organisation Change at Ashridge. In addition he’s acquired a wide range of skills in video and audio production.

    Some quotes to know him by…
    Feel free not to be certain; be willing to explore your ideas and share your creativity.

    Do what you can to preserve relationships; they matter.