People say great things about us

We’re lucky enough to work with some great organisations, teams and individuals.  We always value the feedback they give.  Here are some of the things they have said about working with us…

  • "In 25 years I have never experienced conference facilitation like this.  Simply outstanding."

    Global OD Director, Engineering Sector
  • "Challenging and creative – I didn’t know we could get so far in a one day innovation event."

    Director, FinTech
  • "Sometimes impudent, but utterly vital"

    Northern European Marketing Director, Pharma
  • "In 10 years of watching this Board, I’ve never seen them have a conversation as honest yet generative as this."

    Non-exec director, Luxury Goods
  • "I genuinely thought the two days were two of the best facilitated workshops I have ever encountered - and you really enabled the positivity and openness across the Group."

    Valerie Gervais Saint Gobain, HR Director
  • "I can tell my team a different story now about what we do and why we do it."

    CEO, Financial Services
  • "I think we’ve created a new product that will change patients’ lives…. I am so proud of what my team did."

    Product Director, Healthcare Manufacturing
  • "It’s about really practical things you can do to understand assumptions you’d normally never even notice that can sometimes just hold you back, or make you see the world too small. It’s about seeing your problems and opportunities in lots of different and rigorous ways."

    HR Director, Public Sector
  • "It’s like being an athlete: you’re good, but with the right coaching, the right challenge, the right competitions you get better. We got better systematically, creatively, as a team. You can measure the changes in our product pipeline, in our revenues, in our staff satisfaction."

    Commercial Director, Retail
  • "I’m amazed at what we achieved in a day..."

    Managing Director, SME
  • "They helped us to ask the questions we never dared to ask, and to find the lenses, telescopes and microscopes to look through to find the answers."

    Strategy Director, Financial Services
  • "Provocative, imaginative, searching…. GameShift was all of this and helped us maximise our thinking."

    European Director, Pharmaceuticals

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